Compliance Rule Object

The compliance rule object describes the type and criteria of a compliance check.
Name Attribute Requirement Type Description
CriteriaЕxt criteria_id Recommended Integer The criteria that is associated with the rule.
1Antispyware is installed
2Antispyware is running
3Antispyware signature file is up to date
4Antivirus is installed
5Antivirus is running
6Antivirus signature file is up to date
7File age
8File date
9File size
10File version
11File download complete
12File exists
13File fingerprint matches
14File executed successfully
15Firewall is installed
16Firewall is running
17Patch version matches
18Patch is installed
19Registry value incremented successfully
20Registry key exists
21Registry value matches
22Registry value exists
23Registry value changed successfully
24Timestamp matches
25Message dialog return value
26Operating system matches
27Operating system language
28Process is running
29Service is running
30File deleted successfully
31Service pack version matches
32Host Integrity installed
33Remediation status
34Custom Rule Enforcement
Rule DescriptionЕxt desc Recommended String The description of the rule.
Rule Name name Recommended String The name given to the rule.
Rule Type type_id Recommended Integer The type of the rule.
1Malware Protection Enforcement
2Patch Enforcement
3Service Pack Enforcement
4Firewall Enforcement
5Custom Rule Enforcement
6Configuration Enforcement
7Vulnerability Scan
Rule IDЕxt uid Recommended String The unique identifier of the rule.