Location Object

The location object describes a geographical location, usually associated with an IP address.
Name Attribute Requirement Type Description
City city Recommended String The name of the city.
ContinentЕxt continent Recommended String The name of the continent.
CoordinatesЕxt coordinates Optional Float Array A two-element array, containing a longitude/latitude pair. The format conforms with GeoJSON. For example: [-73.983, 40.719].
Country country Recommended String The ISO 3166-1 Alpha-2 country code. For the complete list of country codes see ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 codes.

Note: The two letter country code should be capitalized. For example: "US" or "CA".

DescriptionЕxt desc Recommended String The description of the location.
ISPЕxt isp Recommended String The name of the Internet Service Provider (ISP).
On Premises on_premises Recommended Boolean The indication of whether the location is on premises.
Region region Recommended String The alphanumeric code that identifies the principal subdivision (e.g. province or state) of the country. Region codes are defined at ISO 3166-2 and have a limit of three characters. For examples, see the region codes for the US.